To keep the studio firing on all cylinders we like to take on the occasional side project where we can indulge our creativity unconstrained by commercial demands. The most recent result was A is for Albert – an animated alphabetical adventure exploring the highs and lows of parenting.

The full animation from a - z


Long before this project took shape, it began with a playful geometric typeface that was developed from another project.

The simple shapes lent themselves nicely to animation which in turn sowed the seed for an alphabetical adventure.


The central character went through numerous rounds of design evolution. Creating a design that had personality and gave us the flexibility to animate across a range of scenarios proved more challenging than we’d initially expected.


In addition to the full animation we created a stand alone website where users could explore one letter at a time. You can visit it here.


We were thrilled to recieve several awards for the site, namely site of the day on Awwwards and FWA, and also a Webby Nomination for Best Use of Video or Moving Image.

Albie, on whom the animation is based, is very pleased to have had an entire animation all about him. His younger brother is less impressed.