Atomico is a market leading tech VC. Every year they produce ‘The State of European Tech’ – the most comprehensive data-driven analysis of European technology. It has become an invaluable resource for founders, investors and policy makers whilst solidifying Atomico’s reputation as a thought leader genuinely committed to supporting the European tech eco system.


Comprising over 400 charts across 37 articles the report is data and content heavy. To be of real value to a time poor audience it was critically important the information didn’t overwhelm the user. From a production perspective, there were challenges around the bespoke nature of the data-driven content and a tight time frame. Finally, the design needed to embody the Atomico values and fit coherently with all of their brand collateral.

We delivered: Data Visualisation | Website | Printed Report | Branded Collateral


Through workshops, surveys, interviews and data-analysis, we established a clear understanding of the audience and their objectives. These, in turn, informed the structural and functional improvements needed to be made.

Finally we explored creatively for ways to distinguish this year’s report while retaining a consistent look and feel of the Atomico brand.


Building on the success of the preview two iterations, we refined the existing functionality and developed an intuitive structure that allowed users to easily navigate and digest content. The visual design was kept clean with a focus on clear information hierarchy and considered use of colour. We introduced illustrations to help add personality and break up the content in a more engaging way. This combines to create a fresh and engaging user experience and a coherent look and feel across all related collateral.

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Chapter Illustrations


Meanwhile we worked closely with the Atomico team to define their work flow and identify the ways in which the content management system could make their lives easier. With a strict timeframe, it was crucial for Atomico team to upload and edit over 400 charts in a coherent and pain-free way.

Content Management System

Printed & Downloadable Report

Slush 2019 Presentation


The site has had over 10K visitors on the first day of its launch at Slush 2019. We saw over 2.4K site searches and 1.3K downloads of the PDF report.

“Studio Lovelock were a valuable partner to us… They listened to us closely, pushed our thinking with great insights and, ultimately delivered a great final result. By the end of it, they felt like part of the SOET family and were a material reason for the success of the 2018 report.”

Tom Wehmeier – Atomico Partner