ESHER help businesses implement transformational agendas. Powered by extensive industry knowledge and experience their team of bold thinkers help blue chips, SMEs and venture funds navigate complex product road maps and strategic projects.


ESHER needed a distinctive brand that can establish them against competitors in their market who are currently perceived to be at a larger scale. The key challenge was to articulate their expertise and experience in a unique and fresh way without disassociating them from a conservative industry.

We delivered: Brand Positioning | Content Strategy | Visual Identity | Website |
Comprehensive Brand Collateral


Research and workshops revealed ESHER’s understated yet best-in-class quality that pairs with a sense of exclusivity that they offer their customers. We understood that our approach needed to be grounded on clean and subtle design that exudes confidence.

Initial concepts


The identity is informed by the three core branches of services ESHER offer, translated into a simple logo and key visual imagery. We developed a clean and striking brand that plays with light and shadow to truly represent their understated quality.



Business Card

Presentation Template