Frst is a french VC firm that invests exclusively in the most audacious seed stage founders. With their unrivalled formula, Frst get behind them before anyone else.


Frst needed a distinctive brand that could set them apart from a lot of companies all essentially providing the same service. The challenge was to identify and communicate an idea of substance that would truly resonate with the most promising founders.

We delivered: Brand Positioning | Content Strategy | Visual Identity | Website


We focused in on the concept of the ‘first believer’ and the critical transformative role they play. It is the first believer that unlocks the leader’s true potential through channeling early audacity into something that, eventually, we will all want to get behind.

This idea neatly captured Frst’s ability to make decisions independent of received wisdom and commit unequivocally to the founders they truly believe in.


The identity is built around a fresh and distinctive colour palette paired with a dynamic logo mark, informed by the semi-circle and a typeface that subtly references coding. A cutting edge tech startup look and feel is complimented by a simple geometric illustration that perfectly represents the first believers concept.


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Responsive Design

Presentation Template


“We have been strongly impressed by the team commitment to deeply understand who we are and to translate it into a vibrant and audacious identity.

We are 100% happy with the result, and look forward working again with you.”

Pierre Entremont