Full of Beans


This year we’ve been making an effort to use our internal projects for more than refining or improving skill sets. We decided at the beginning of the year to treat them more like a proper client brief in terms of scheduling and delivery. We also wanted to use the opportunity of an internal project to look at ways we could help or improve situations or issues that we care about.

One of our designers, Tiffany Beucher, had previously worked on a project of her own a few years back looking at healthy eating recipes. We coupled this interest of hers with the style of Studio Lovelock’s design and settled on a set of illustrations that would encourage healthy eating habits to a young audience.

The first deliverable of our project was to create a set of posters that can be used in schools, work places, or out in the public which will highlight the health benefits of certain foods whilst also adding a playful and fun edge to this message. A selection of these can be seen below- the informative ‘Super Foods’, the playful ‘Full of Beans’ and then a bit of both in ‘A Balance Diet’.

The next stage is to create an animation that brings these characters life and create an interest from the audience on how to use these foods to make simple and healthy meals. We will be posting our progress on here and on our social channels so feel free to check back in or contribute with your thoughts and ideas!

food_project_superfoods_01 food_project_beans_01