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Last Minute – One’s App Social Campaign

A cheeky social campaign for revealing the Royals organising various wedding related holidays



The goal was to embrace public interest in the Royal Wedding with a tongue in cheek look behind the scenes at how they might go about organising their various wedding related holidays. The what’s app style conversation places the Royals in a context that we can all relate to whilst creating an amusing juxtaposition against the more absurd realities of their day to day lives. From a production perspective it created a flexible yet cost effective format that made it easy to adapt to multiple versions.

Allowing for the fact that the conversations are perhaps not entirely accurate to real life we went with a more exaggerated illustration style that made it clear the content was not meant to be taken seriously. Particular favourites are Camilla’s portrait & Prince Phillip with the corgis. Animation was then added to bring the scenes to life.

The scripts play on exaggerated/entirely made up versions of the characters to create a cheeky and playful series that perfectly reflects the Last Minute personality, whilst being careful not to be unnecessarily provocative or offensive.

We’re really delighted with the outcome of the project and have thoroughly enjoyed working with the  brilliant folk at LastMinute. They embraced what others might have considered too risky and contributed significantly to the idea and overall quality.


The Studio Lovelock team were great to work with. We gave them a very open brief, and they really took to the collaborative creative style we were looking for. They created a funny and engaging series, delivering on all the aspects we’d asked for. Most importantly, communication throughout was excellent, and it was fun working together!
Jacob Niedzwiecki | Producer


Creative Direction – Joe lovelock
Scriptwriting – Ben Harris
– Chris Martin
Animation – Garth Vickers


Script Creation