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LeapFrog Website

Website design for an ethical investment company



LeapFrog are a bold dynamic company challenging the conventions of the investment industry and achieving huge social impact in emerging markets. As part of a comprehensive rebrand, Studio Lovelock were tasked with redesigning their site to reflect their new identity.

As a company it was critical they appealed to potential investors as credible and capable, the challenge was to balance this with the socially conscious nature of their investments. The design needed to reflect their innovative approach without disassociating them from an essentially conservative industry.

Taking a lead from editorial and print design, the goal was to establish an understated authority underpinned by an energy and enthusiasm. We focused on strong use of typography, bold imagery and careful use of white space. This gives the content room to breathe rather than bombarding viewers with information, whilst still retaining a strong sense of design and distinctive aesthetic that sets LeapFrog apart.

View the live site here.


Creative Direction Joe Lovelock
Visual Design  Pascal Barry
Visual Design  Richard Simic
Development Martin Buckner