Animation | Branding


A stop frame brand film for Magic radio



Magic required a film to show off their updated identity and communicate the energy and warmth of the brand. The underlying concept was to present Magic as an integral part of their listener’s days.

A selection of objects pertaining to people’s activities throughout the week track across the screen, intermixed with photographs of the DJs and details of the shows. The piece is further brought to life with a sequence of corresponding audio clips.

The bright colours of the objects along with the hand made feel of stop frame make for a playful and vibrant aesthetic that reflect the upbeat feel of the brand. The film was painstakingly shot, with over 12 metres of objects pulled through 1 cm at a time! Text and polish were then added in post.


Creative Direction Joe Lovelock
Creative Direction Tom Rudolph (Buffalo Productions)
Post Production Kieran Ridgers (Buffalo Productions)
Illustration Rosie Lovelock
Photography Joel Devlin
Animation Joe Lovelock
Sound Design Matt Clark (Magic)



MasterEdit_AmendsFeb2016_01_00431 MasterEdit_AmendsFeb2016_01_00740 MagicBrand_animation_04 MagicBrand_animation_03