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Brand identity and site design for a digital recruitment agency based in East London



As a new agency in a crowded marketplace, Move were keen to find an identity to help them stand out. Through branding workshops we identified their refreshingly personable and honest approach to recruitment.

Influenced by the energy implicit in the name, their personal approach and the clean graphic stylings of their competitors we opted for a handwritten and textured aesthetic. The final logo was selected from over one hundred designs, with each stroke and brush mark meticulously considered.

To supplement the mark we produced a illustrated suite of over 80 ‘creative industry’ characters. The selection process inherent in recruitment is visualised by highlighting certain individuals in a line up.

These elements combined with a fresh colour palette create a distinctive aesthetic appealing to a particularly design aware audience.

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We were delighted with the ideas Studio Lovelock dreamed up for our rebrand. From initial conception through to project completion they were ten out of ten.

Ben Jakob
Director | Move


Creative Direction Joe Lovelock
Visual Design  Pascal Barry
Hand Lettering  Pascal Barry
Illustration Rosie Lovelock
Development Martin Buckner


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