A marketing site for radio advertising company Newslink



The challenge was to take a complex proposition and clearly explain it to potential clients, highlighting the benefits of the service and establishing a distinctive identity in the process. Dry and slightly dense information needed to be stripped back and presented in a clear and impactful manner to an audience short on time.

Starting with the message, we focused on breaking the information down into a series of clearly defined benefits that could be digested quickly, and combined to provide an accessible overview of the product.

Concise copy and key statistics were presented with bold typography, a bright colour palette and simple geometric illustrations to create a distinct eyecatching visual. Attention to detail on the development, with little touches of animation and elegant navigation all combine to establish a premium experience across all devices.


Studio Lovelock really understood the brief for Newslink and were able to guide us on making an informative, but engaging website that really summed up the brand.

At Global, we now use it as an example of an effective trade marketing tool.

Ali Jones
Global | Commercial Marketing Manager


Design Joe Lovelock
Copywriting Jamie Griffiths
Development Martin Buckner