Intricate pen and ink illustration for a range of Oasis garments



Oasis Stores approached us to illustrate a new clothing range as a special one off collection for their London stores that included t shirts, jackets and dresses.

They wanted a Fairytale theme that stepped away from the usual visual cliches of fairies and butterflies. In response to their visual mood boards, we created scenes that depicted magical forests and wildlife, inspired by Japanese wood block prints.

We had to work to the actual size of the garments, taking into consideration the quality of line in the printing process. Each illustration began life as a pen and ink drawing.

Sales of the garments we very successful, leading to a second commission from Oasis for a range of t shirts.


Illustration Rosie Lovelock


RosieLovelock_illustration_01RosieLovelock_illustration_02RosieLovelock_illustration_03RosieLovelock_illustration_04RosieLovelock_illustration_05RosieLovelock_illustration_06 Branding