Whether you’re looking to engage your audience’s hearts or heads, video is an effective way to get your message across quickly. We create visually enticing animations that engage audiences with clear communication and compelling content.

Collaborative approach


Our Creative Process

Over the years we’ve refined a methodology that promotes strategy, creative flair and robust project management. We’ll work closely with you to establish a framework for objective decision making. This gives us the creative freedom to get beyond the generic without losing sight of the project goals.

Goal-driven design


Strategic Planning

Together we’ll define clear and measurable objectives for the animation which support your broader business goals. We then pin down a narrative structure which best communicates the key messages you need to convey.

Workshop | Research | Strategy | Tone of voice | Script

Visuals which support the message


Creative Exploration

We search far and wide for the most effective visual aesthetic to bring your message to life, and engage your audience emotionally. Together we’ll review the designs against the core objectives, and then refine them through several rounds of feedback and development.

Moodboards | Visual Design | Feedback | Development

Expert storytelling


Storyboarding & Animatic

Next we define the flow of the imagery, and how we transition from one scene to the next. We then translate this storyboard into a very rough version of the animation, to get a sense of the timing and identify any issues.

Storyboarding | Animatic | Feedback

Beautifully fluid animation



We’ll create all the visual assets required and then set about making everything move beautifully, as per the direction outlined in the storyboards. We can animate to match pre-recorded audio, or we can add the audio later, along with further sound fx which help tie everything together.

Illustration | Design | Animation | Sound Design

“Studio Lovelock produced a beautiful, creative video for us which brought to life some potentially dry information in a clear and engaging way. A pleasure to work with!”

Tom Gaul
TNS | Design Director

Case Studies